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About us – Sobre nosotros

Are you learning Spanish? ¡Perfecto! You’re in the right place!
We create books, courses and learning resources to help you take your Spanish skills to the next level!

From Asturias into the world!

Learning Spanish is a great adventure. Based on our experience in language teaching, we started creating our own innovative, exciting Spanish learning method.

Five years later (that’s “mucho” time!), in 2022, we finally founded the publisher Esidioma, in the provice of Asturias, in the North of Spain! Students from all over the world are improving their Spanish with us.

This is how we teach Spanish

Esidioma: books that are almost “mágicos”

At Esidioma we have developed the best books to learn and teach our favourite language. Our books will help you use Spanish in everyday life. Your vocabulary will improve and you will discover every secret of the Spanish grammar. You’ll achieve all that thanks to our easy-to-use and exciting online books with lots of interactive exercises.

This is how we teach Spanish

Our learning materials are “fantásticos”

We are constantly creating new material to help you master this beautiful language:

  • Books in easy Spanish with audio
  • Exercise books
  • More and more interactive activities
  • Textbooks and courses
  • …and much more!
This is how we teach Spanish